A bickering husband and wife duo discuss their faves. Now Bickering: the Collected Works of William Shakespeare.

Welcome to The Bicks Pod!

July 2, 2019

She's Lindsay; he's Aidan. Together, they are the Bicks.

Our podcast came to life in late 2016 as Bickering Peaks: A Twin Peaks Podcast. In those early days, we spent our time rewatching Twin Peaks and analysing the series in the run-up to the highly anticipated return of Twin Peaks in May 2017.

In Season Two of our show, we applied that same rigour to Twin Peaks: The Return.

Season Three saw us tackle the larger question of series co-creators' David Lynch's and Mark Frost's creative oeuvre, and we looked for connections and deeper understandings of the themes and ideas present in the final installment (for now) of the Twin Peaks story.

We've decided to take our podcast into vastly different territory for Season Four: beginning April 23, 2019, The Bicks will be taking a long and hard look at the collected works of William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare is one of our first loves. In fact, Lindsay read her first Shakespearean play in early elementary school (it was A Midsummer Night's Dream, and it was an abridged illustrated children's version) and Aidan approached Shakespeare as a teenager. But once we hit high school, the Bard was already looming large; there was no impediment to our ardour, and the fears of our classmates towards "thithers" and "wherefores" was nowhere to be found in us. From that age onward, one thing we have always wanted to do is make Shakespeare accessible to everyone. The themes of his plays are themes that resonate globally, cross-culturally, and can be as readily understood by just about anyone... if you can convince them that Shakespeare is fun and not difficult, baffling, or unreadable. 

It seemed like the most natural progression for us to parlay our enthusiasm and our goal of bringing Shakespeare to the masses onto our podcast.

And who knows? Maybe there will be connections to Twin Peaks in the end...

Why “The Bicks”?

Sometime in late 2017, Matt Armitage—a loyal listener and friend of the podcast—coined the name “The Bicks” on Twitter during a conversation about one of our episodes. The name, like that gum you like which is going to come back in style, stuck...


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